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Confirmation Class for 7th and 8th Graders

Catechectical Instruction covering the basic teachings of the Christian faith.

Our Confirmation Class meets most Wednesday evenings from September to April — from 7:15 to 8:45 PM.  It is a two-year catechetical instruction process for 7th and 8th graders, during which we hold 40 PowerPoint lessons that cover the six chief parts of Martin Luther’s Small Catechism. 

Each year we cover: The Ten Commandments, The Apostles’ Creed, The Holy Bible, The Lord’s Supper, and Holy Baptism.  We spend one year covering The Lord’s Prayer, and The Office of the Keys (confession and forgiveness).

The students are responsible for either taking a quiz every week — or a unit test every 3-4 weeks.  The quizzes and tests are taken online at the
Confirmation Portal.

Cost of Materials A confirmation parent and student orientation meeting is held late August, during which time the student confirmation materials are handed out. The cost of the materials is $17 for 8th Graders --- $30 for 7th Graders.  Checks are payable to FELC .

Confirmation Requirements:  The Board of Elders at First English established the following minimum requirements for confirmation:

50% attendance in worship each month.

60% grade average on all quizzes and tests.  (Or evidence that your confirmand is making a respectable effort to learn)

90% class attendance (10% unexcused absences are allowed)

Fill out sermon reports when in worship.

Answer questions during the public examination given at the end of the year.

Concerning the Curriculum:  During class the Students fill in the blanks of the assigned workbook lesson each week.  Weekly homework is listed in the workbook under the section entitled: "Assignment for the Week".

Quizzes and Tests:  All quizzes will be taken on-line at  Login information for the quiz web page will be given to all parents and confirmands at the Elder/Parent/Confirmand meeting.  All quizzes and tests will be taken on-line and graded automatically on-line.  Please understand that these quizzes and tests — though taken on-line — ARE NOT OPEN BOOK.  Parent supervision is required during test and quiz taking to prevent "open book" help.

If you don’t have internet access, quizzes and tests can be taken “the old fashioned way” — on paper.  If you need hard copies of the tests and quizzes, you can request those on orientation night.

Quizzes:  Quizzes are to be taken sometime during the week after the student has studied his workbook lesson (i.e. After Lesson 1 workbook completed Quiz 1 will be taken).  The contents of the quiz will be taken exactly from the corresponding "Worksheet" in the workbook.  Memory work will be required for each quiz.

Tests: After every 3 or 4 class lessons your confirmand will take a unit test on-line.  The contents of the unit test will be taken exactly from the weekly lesson worksheets, and the grade for the unit test counts as two quiz scores.

The Learning Process:   The confirmation student will hear and learn the material on five different occasions:  1) the lesson time 2) the worksheet 3) the quiz 4) the unit test 5) questioning night.  If you have any questions, we can discuss them at the orientation meeting.

Daily Devotions:  I also encourage the confirmand and family to practice a devotional time each day.  This can accomplished several ways:  1)  By completing the "Working With God's Word" section in their workbook.  (I do not require that they complete this section.  It is up to you.)  2) By relating their lesson to their lives.  3)  By reading a hymn and discussing the meaning.  4)  By reading a chapter from Bible and discussing the meaning.  5)  By using the catechism questions in the back of the catechism as devotional material.  6)  By spending time with your child in prayer.  The devotions don’t have to be long ---- 5 minutes will be effective.

Concerning the sermon reports:  These sermon reports are utilized to teach the kids how to listen to a sermon, how to apply life-changing principles to their lives, and also how to distinguishing the law and gospel elements of the message.  I realize that this exercise is difficult for middle school students.  That is why we encourage the parents to help their confirmation student complete the project.  Sometimes parents decide to fill out sermon sheets too, in order to use them for a daily devotion later during the week.  When parents take sermon notes, they can compare their notes with the confirmand's notes.  They can also take time to discuss the message to see if their child is learning to make proper biblical application to their lives.

Student Progress:  Each parent will have a password access to their students’ grades and will be able to review all quizzes and tests.  If a quiz or test grade is unacceptable, the parent can let Pastor Kaldahl know and he will reset the quiz to be taken again.

If you have any questions regarding confirmation, please email Pastor Kaldahl at