Sunday Worship: 8:00am | 9:30am Education Hour | 10:45am


Growing in Faith Together

Our mid-week program for school-aged children

G.I.F.T. is the acronym for "Growing in Faith Together", a program for students in grades 1-12. Our mid-week program for grades 1-6 operates from 3:45-7:00 PM while grades 7-8 meet for Confirmation from 7:15-8:45 PM.  Our High School LYF for grades 9-12 is held from 7:00-8:30 PM just about every Wednesday during the year.

G.I.F.T. is comprised of four ministry areas: (1) Bible Time to nurture children and youth into intelligent, true Biblically informed discipleship; (2) Worship Time to develop responsibility for and practice in worship skills because worship is a primary service to God as disciples; (3) Play Time to experience great fun at the expense of no one; and (4) Family Time to provide a joyous, intergenerational celebration of God's family over a shared meal as we experience our unity in Christ.

Foundations of Faith Membership Class

Basic Teachings of Christianity from a distintive Lutheran perspective

If you are interested in learning more about the Christian faith and about our LCMS Lutheran doctrines in particular, please send Pastor Kaldahl an email at so that he can send you all the preliminary information about his video series. 

Pastor Kaldahl teaches this church membership class and calls it, "Foundations of Faith."  There are thirteen video classes.  Each video class is broken down into thirty minute segments, so you would watch Lesson 1, Part 1.  Then you would watch Lesson 1, Part 2 ... etc.  The videos of his class can be found at our church website at this link:

A fill-in-the-blank worksheet (Word format) is to accompany the class.  You can download the worksheet or request one to be sent to your email address.  We can also mail you a copy if you do not have printing capabilities. 

We study all the basic truths of scripture: What is sin?  Who is Jesus?  How are we saved?  What is heaven and hell?  What about the fall into sin?  What can we learn from the Ten Commandments?  What are the sacraments of Baptism and the Lord's Supper?  Who is the Trinity: God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit?  What does the Trinity do?  What is prayer?  What about the Last Days?  What is Law and Gospel?  How do we know God's holy Word (the Bible) is true and dependable?

Whether you are looking to know more about Jesus so that you can be saved, or are simply in need of strengthening your faith, we hope that you will join us!